Carbonomics® is a leader in helping businesses realize the potential of carbon credits in the US and international emission-trading markets. Carbonomics identifies greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction opportunities, determines how projects can generate carbon credits, and guides companies through the entire process - from project inception to annual verification.

Carbonomics® also helps local governments set up community choice programs that accelerate renewable energy development and reduce GHGs.

Track Record 

Renewable Energy/Power Sector

The Carbonomics staff has worked with partners on a number of innovative renewable energy project types. For example, as QualityTons, we helped a small Canadian company write a methodology that used a software technology to improve the efficiency of hydroelectric facilities. By optimizing the use of existing hydropower plants (such as reducing spillage), operators often see a 5% improvement in generation providing more carbon-free electricity to the grid. Once this methodology was approved, the company started developing opportunities in China, Russia and elsewhere. It's an example of the potential power of the carbon to transform businesses.