Carbonomics® is a leader in helping businesses realize the potential of carbon credits in the US and international emission-trading markets. Carbonomics identifies greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction opportunities, determines how projects can generate carbon credits, and guides companies through the entire process - from project inception to annual verification.

Carbonomics® also helps local governments set up community choice programs that accelerate renewable energy development and reduce GHGs.



Seth Baruch, President

Seth Baruch is an internationally-recognized expert in the development of methodologies to monitor greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Seth was co-founder and managing partner for QualityTons, a consulting company that developed and implemented numerous GHG-mitigation projects.

At QT, Seth authored or co-authored more than 10 percent of all the methodologies approved under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Clients included the World Bank, UNEP, Camco, AES, Devon Energy, El Paso Gas Corporation, the Government of Ghana, LG, Natsource, Trading Emissions, and the British High Commission, among others. QT’s projects covered the renewable energy, power generation, energy efficiency, and oil and gas sectors, as well as industrial gas destruction. In 2007, the assets of QualityTons were sold to Climate Change Capital, and the company was renamed Carbonomics.

After the sale of QT to CCC, Seth was Vice President of Carbon Finance at Climate Change Capital, a $1.2 billion investment fund that invests in GHG-reduction projects. At CCC, he originated project opportunities in China, Indonesia and the U.S., while also advising other team members on the best strategies for obtaining CDM registration for projects in the CCC portfolio. Seth also completely managed CCC's first voluntary carbon transaction in the U.S.

Prior to QualityTons, Seth was Deputy Director of International Programs at the Alliance to Save Energy, and oversaw all of the energy efficiency programs in Eastern Europe, which included 20 staff and consultants. In addition to helping develop a range of district heating projects in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, he also managed a training and project development program in Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Moldova and Armenia.

Seth assisted the City of Kaliningrad, Russia in getting a World Bank loan. This $10 million project financed the installation of gas equipment in a large heating station, the conversion of another coal-fired station to gas, and the installation of new heat substations, as well as 16 kilometers of pre-insulated piping. Seth also helped arrange financing for the renovation of 42 municipal buildings in the City of Dobrich, Bulgaria. The renovations included new gas boilers, heating controls and weatherization. The financing came from a private company, one of the first third-party financing arrangements for municipal energy efficiency in Bulgaria.

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Manvel Alur

Manvel Alur is the founder of “Environmental Synergies in Development” (ENSYDE) a professional energy and environment consulting organization in Bangalore, India, established in 2003.

Manvel has worked on over 15 climate change related projects, estimated to reduce about 10 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. These projects include wind, biomass, hydropower, fuel switching and energy efficiency.

Manvel has also provided consultancy to various corporates, government institutions, and other institutions on sustainabiliy, climate change and environmental management. Some of these clients included Climate Change Capital, UK., Quality Tonnes, USA, Pembina Institute, Canada, the Conference Board, USA, C-Quest Capital, USA, Shriram EPC and the Gilada Group of Companies in India.

Prior to this work, Manvel also worked for the Princeton Energy Research Institute, Chemonics International, and the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India.

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