Carbonomics® is a leader in helping businesses realize the potential of carbon credits in the US and international emission-trading markets. Carbonomics identifies greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction opportunities, determines how projects can generate carbon credits, and guides companies through the entire process - from project inception to annual verification.

Carbonomics® also helps local governments set up community choice programs that accelerate renewable energy development and reduce GHGs.

What We Do 

Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a mechanism that allows local cities and counties to have control over their sources of electricity. CCA programs can procure their own, cleaner sources of power and tailor energy procurement to meet specific community needs and goals -- particularly the development of local renewable resources.

Joining a CCA is an important tool to address the impact of climate change. Many cities have climate change plans and in most cases, they cannot meet any substantive GHG goals without a major change in the way electricity is procured. By developing local clean energy resources, CCA’s can spur economic development in the community while also offering price stability. Renewables have no variable fuel costs and can be a hedge against energy price increases.

Carbonomics helps local governments through the design process of a CCA, including setting renewable energy targets and quantifying both GHG benefits and employment benefits from local renewables development. Carbonomics also helps draft the regulatory documents needed to certify a CCA.

The process can be complex -- from building political and community support to procuring energy to designing customer outreach and marketing plans. But the benefits can be significant. Carbonomics works with local communities to design CCAs and move towards implementation as quickly as possible.